Donate for Dartmoor 2017

Donate for Dartmoor – Ten Tors 2017

What is Donate for Dartmoor?

In 2011 Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) introduced the “£ for the Park” initiative which was a voluntary donation scheme whereby participants taking part in all organised events were invited to make a financial or volunteering donation in addition to their registration fee, thus enabling them to “put something back” into the conservation and/or heritage of Dartmoor.

The Ten Tors event and its organisers were fully signed up to the £ for the Park concept. Since 2011, either through adding on to the registration fee, or by organisations collecting money during their training period some £6,000 has been contributed. DNPA are extremely grateful for everybody’s contributions and the practical work undertaken by volunteers.

In 2016 the DNPA rebranded and launched a wider Donate for Dartmoor scheme aimed at the general public not just event organisers. It also has a stronger volunteering element and three targeted options for direct funding Recreational, Natural and Historic Dartmoor projects. There is also more detailed information on what a particular sum of money could purchase and help with on Dartmoor. This was all highlighted in the DNPA presentation at last Octobers Team Managers Training day.

How will Donate for Dartmoor contributions be used?

All previous donations have been ring-fenced and used for practical access repairs and improvements, as well as to support conservation projects. If you have any suggestions for suitable projects, please inform Rob Steemson, via rsteemson@dartmoor.gov.uk

Ten Tor`s donations were used for Manga Rails repairs on the River Teign at SX 640 861

Ten Tor’s donations were used to repair the Abbots Way bridleway between Nuns Cross and Princetown

Over the last three years the DNPA Ranger Service has undertaken a comprehensive erosion survey of all the different various types and degrees of damage at various sites across Dartmoor. We are now looking at different ways of either repairing or mitigating further damage and will be asking volunteers to help out, predominantly with either making new or clearing out old cross drains. This will be particularly relevant on the new work that has been done and other work scheduled on Abbots Way bridleway from Plym Ford, via Eylesbarrow tin mine and Nuns Cross to Princetown.

Ten Tor`s donations were used on the replacement of Swincombe Bridge at SX 642 725

Over the last couple of years we have asked and encouraged Ten Tor’s organisations to “give something back” and provide us with some volunteers to help with practical tasks. Within the new scheme we have widened our request to the general public to help out in particular reference to health and wellbeing of fresh air and exercise.

Gordano Scouts above, and Teign School below, who after completing Ten Tors came and helped uncover some of the granite railway at Haytor.

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