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Annex A

Event Camping 45 & 55m teams - The 45 and 55m Team backpack camping areas for the Ten Tors Challenge only are at 45m & 55m Event camping . The areas are a combination of the National Parks permitted areas and the military training areas. Camping outside of these areas will be monitored and infringements raised with the Team Manager.

35m teams must camp at a Safety Controls or Checkpoints.

For Ten Tors 2023, Annex A is produced in paper mapping which has been distributed to Team Managers. Previous versions should be ignored and discarded. As detailed at the Team Manager’s Brief, the restrictions shown on the Ten Tors 2023 map are only in place for the Ten Tors weekend itself, with the exception of Rare Bird Nesting Areas which are out of bounds 1 March – 31 July.

All maps used during training and the Challenge must show Out Of Bounds (OOB) areas as detailed on the Ten Tors 2023 map eg RBNA (1 Mar -31 Jul) and roads. For the Challenge, all manned locations, river crossings and restrictions to the route chosen or escape routes must also be marked.

During the training period, other areas may be designated as OOB: ensure you check the Ten Tors website when planning training.

Some of the information on the Ten Tors 2023 Map, has been overtaken. The MiniMaps are up to date as at 21 March 2023.

The High Court decision on camping on Dartmoor. You must refer to the backpack camping map on the Dartmoor National Park Authority website at Camping Map for current information on where you can backpack camp on the open Moor. The map is still being updated so please check that you refresh the site.

Measures to reduce the risk of road traffic incidents have required changes to road crossing and permitted use. During training, road crossing and use remain the responsibility of Establishments, remembering not to disrupt or cause a hazard to traffic. During the Ten Tors Challenge, the roads through Two Bridges may not be crossed or used, permitted roads and crossings with routes to be used are shown on the MiniMaps. The Highway Code must be obeyed and hi viz garments must be worn by the fist and last member of a team.

You will also see that there are green dots on the MiniMaps. These mark the location of stiles, gates and gaps in walls and fences. This information will help walking groups and teams to plan their routes during training and the Challenge to avoid climbing over and damaging walls and fences. Please help the National Park Authority to maintain gates and stiles by reporting any damage or other problem at Report a path problem | Dartmoor . If you identify the location of other gates or are unable to report problems, please inform .

1. TT23 Minimaps:

Below are the liks for the Legend and all the minimaps:

a. Minmaps Legend

b. Taw & N Teign

c. Fernworthy & Postbridge

d. Lower Cherrybrook, Two Bridges & Princetown

e. Merrivale & Princetown

f. Stannon Lanehead Nodden Gate

g. Nodden Gate, Prewley Moor & Meldon