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TT Secretary's Notices

Fri 5 Apr 2024 — Pre-Registration Completion Instruction

Team Managers’ (TMs) Dashboards will be open from 8th Apr 24 until 2200hrs Thu 9th May 24 for TMs to submit participants’ data along with team staff details.

Pre-Registration will include printing the control card and wristband inserts, as well as completing the TMs assurance statement for each team entered. After 2200hrs Thu 9th May 24 changes can only be made at Registration in Okehampton Camp.

The Pre-Registration process will involve TMs sequentially completing the following tasks for each of their teams:

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Wed 3 Apr 2024 — Notifying Team Withdrawals

The route allocation is now being matrixed; If any Establishment has decided to withdraw a team, please email soonest. 


Wed 3 Apr 2024 — Pre-Registration

Pre-Registration will go live at 0900hrs on Mon 8th Apr, and will then remain open to TMs until 2200hrs on Thu 9th May. The Pre-Registration notice will be posted and emailed on Mon 8th Apr.


Thu 15 Feb 2024 — TT24 Reserve Allocations

Dear TMs’,

Reserve places have now been allocated to Establishment Dashboards and the payment link has been re-opened. Please now go onto your Dashboard’s if you either missed the payment window or have been allocated reserve places. The payment window will close on Friday 23 Feb; Establishments’ that have not paid after this date will have their Teams removed.

Please check your Dashboards and if you see any errors email . Apologies if you have sent general enquires that have not been answered; the priority at this time is getting the team submissions correct.


Tue 13 Feb 2024 — Sleep & performance

The benefits of getting 7–9 hours of sleep per night

Sleep is essential to your health, wellness, and military performance. Getting enough sleep helps your perform at your best in all areas of Total Force Fitness (TFF)—physical fitness, mental fitness, social fitness, nutritional fitness, spiritual fitness, medical fitness, and financial fitness. Print out the graphic below for a quick reminder of all the reasons you have to prioritize sleep to optimize your performance.

See caption for alt text.


Tue 6 Feb 2024 — TT24 Payment

There are still establishments that have not made payment for their TT24 teams/participants. Reserve places are currently being looked at. If you have not made payment, please make correspondence confirming your team/participant places by Thu 8 Feb. Beyond this date team/participant places will be re-allocated.

Establishments will not be able to make payment until the payment link is re-opened, this will be done once reserve places have been confirmed; when open this information will be posted on the TT website.


Fri 2 Feb 2024 — TT24 - Payment Closes 2359 hrs

  • Payment - The payment window closes tonight at 2359 hrs, those establishments that have not made payment or not notified of a reason why, will have their teams removed.

  • Reserve Places - Can those Establishments that have reserve places on their Dashboards but no longer require them please notify the by Tuesday 6 Feb so they can be remove. You do not need to notify to confirm you still require the reserve places, only those reserve places no longer needed.


Tue 30 Jan 2024 — Neighbourhood Policing Week - Rural Affairs Team engagement on Dartmoor National Park

From February, officers from Devon & Cornwall Police Rural Affairs Team will launch their annual campaign to highlight preventative measures to reduce attacks on livestock by dogs.

Livestock attacks all too often result in serious injury or death of sheep, but the dog does not have to make physical contact with the animal to cause it harm. Sheep being chased by dogs suffer from extreme stress long after the event. It is a criminal offence to allow a dog to chase or attack livestock and it has devastating consequences for livestock keepers, causing personal distress as well as significant financial costs.

Sadly, livestock attacks take place all year round however crime data does indicate a notable increase in reports in the spring/early summer time as the weather improves and as more people access the countryside, particularly during lambing.

Police are appealing to all dog owners to make sure they #TakeTheLead and ensure their dog is under proper control at all times in rural areas especially around livestock or in places where there is a likelihood of encountering livestock.

If you witness an attack on livestock, do not intervene, keep yourself safe and call 999. All other information relating to attacks on livestock should be reported to the police online or by calling 101.


Fri 26 Jan 2024 — TT24 - Payment Window Extended - Fri 2 Feb 24

As requested, the Team Managers’ Dashboards will have an option for TMs to forward the PayPal link to their respective Finance Teams for payment. This will hopefully be in place by Mon 29 Jan 24.

We have extended the payment window to Fri 2 Feb 24. For those establishments applicable, could TMs please notify their Finance Teams to attempt payment from Tue 30 Jan onwards and remind them the payment option will close at 2359 hrs on Fri 2 Feb 24.

Further information will be posted after the payment window closes regarding reserve places. Those establishments that already have reserve places registered on their Dashboards will be considered first, more information to follow.


Thu 21 Dec 2023 — Ten Tors 2024 Payment

The payment section on the Team Manager Dashboard will open on Tue 2 Jan 24 and close on Tue 30 Jan 24 at 2359hrs.

Reminder of costs:

  • Ten Tors Challenge £210 per team.
  • Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge £20 for each participant.
  • Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge Plus £25 for each participant.

As discussed on the Team Managers Brief, we can only accept payment via the PayPal link which will be in each of the TM’s Dashboard on Tue 2 Jan 24, a PayPal account is not required just follow the instructions once live. Once payment has been made it's non-refundable unless the organisers cancel the event, then the money will be paid back to the account or card that the payment was taken from minus the PayPal fee.

On the Dashboard there will be an option to ‘Donate for Dartmoor’ which helps to maintain and improve moorland access through a ring-fenced fund. Organisers of all large events are encouraged to make a voluntary donation of £3.00 per participant to help repair damage, mitigate erosion, and to maintain bridges, stiles and gates. Residents and walkers are also encouraged to donate.

There will be further information in the new year on the ongoing conservation work that has been supported by Ten Tors donations.

If assistance is required contact us via the TT mailbox email address:



The Bridge will be closed for repairs from Mon 18 Dec 23 and could remain out of use until Sun 31 Dec 23. The nearest alternative all weather safe crossing is Hill Bridge SX531803.

Hill Bridge SX 531 803

Hill Bridge | Dartefacts: Dartmoor Artefacts


Mon 6 Nov 2023 — SO1 Ten Tors Lieutenant Colonel Tim Gilbert

My name is Lieutenant Colonel Tim Gilbert and I’d like to introduce myself as the new lead for the Ten Tors Team. The Team consists of three Army Officers who work part time throughout the year, ensuring that the event is as challenging, enjoyable and, most importantly, safe as possible.

I have had the privilege of assisting in running the Ten Tors Challenge and Jubilee Challenge since 2018. This year, knowing that I had been selected for this job, I was able to spend most of the Saturday of the Event out on the moor meeting participants. I was struck by how motivated and enthusiastic the participants were, and just how much the civilian and military enablers valued the event.

I know how important Ten Tors is to you all, and I know that some of you have been assisting or participating in the event since well before I was born. Ten Tors is in a great place, thanks to the hard work of the countless people who have been involved over the years; my main challenge is ensuring that I continue to improve the event for the three years that I am responsible for it. The Team will strive to refine the management and delivery of this fantastic event whilst maintaining it’s important history and legacy.

Please email the team ( if you have any suggestions for improvements. My aim is that Ten Tors 24 will be the best event yet, and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible between now and the end of May.


Thu 19 Oct 2023 — Ten Tors Planning Map Traces

A few Establishments have expressed interest in having sight of the map traces used to develop the TT24 routes. The Ten Tors map traces are not made available to Establishments as this would be against the requirement for Establishments to take responsibility for their own training programmes and would undermine the self-sufficiency commitment of each team during their Challenge.


Fri 13 Oct 2023 — Observational Quiz Where's To?

An observational quiz for participants of Ten Tors

Dartmoor is exciting, full of history and wildlife. Understanding its special qualities will help you navigate and enjoy the open, wild moor.

Keep your eyes peeled during your walks on Dartmoor as well as using books and the internet to discover the answers to this Quiz.

Fill in the answers to the questions and complete a training log.

You can submit your completed quiz either online or by sending a paper copy but either way we hope this quiz enhances your knowledge of this wonderful place.

Good hunting and enjoy Dartmoor.

Lt Col (Retd) A H Clark OBEAdvisor to Director Ten Tors

Where's To? 2024 can be found on the Ten Tors website in 'Information', 'Forms & Cards'.