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Walking groups training on Dartmoor National Park - before training on Dartmoor National Park, Team Managers'/staff are to check the Dartmoor six-week firing notice: 9 October to 19 November 2023

Updated 9 October 2023

Short notice changes may be made without notice. For updated information phone: 0800 458 4868 (free) or 01837 657 210.

Beacon Training Video

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Limitations on use of Dartmoor for Ten Tors training

1. Archerton. Stay on the bridleway around Archerton at SX 640 791: do not allow walkers to stray onto private driveways.

2. Tor Royal. The track from Tor Royal SX 600 732 to Bullpark SX603 734 is NOT a public right of way and is not to be used.

3. Gates, Stiles and Gaps. Working with the National Park, the TT24 map includes, for the first time, the location of gates, stiles and deliberate gaps, which will help route planning. If any are marked in the wrong location or are damaged, please provide details to so that they can be brought to the attention of the National Park Authority.

4. Standon Farm and the surrounding area are Out of Bounds whilst training for Ten Tors. The building is located in enclosed land and may be in use for military training at any time and without any warnings being displayed. Walking Groups may use the permissive path between Standon Steps at SX 539 816 south along the River Tavy to the Access Land at SX 541 814. The bridge at SX 538816 across the River Tavy is available for use but by only one team at a time. It will be closed for repair later this year. Watch out for Ten Tors Notices.

5. Parking. The restriction on parking in a carpark if it is already more than half-full of other Ten Tors-related vehicles, does not apply at Willsworthy carpark as it is owned by the Ministry of Defence.

6. Okehampton Camp Apex. The unfenced open ground to the North of Okehampton Camp Apex Junction centred on St Michael’s Bungalow at SX5905 9363 is OOB. Establishments are to take particular care to ensure that walkers do not use the area for loo stops before or after walking.

7. Car Park at Gutter Tor\Scout Hut. The car park at SX 578 672 is seriously pot-holed and several holes are deep and clay-filled, TM’s are to be careful if they're planning on parking there.

8. Stannon Track. The track to the north of Higher Merripit SX 652 795, may be used for Ten Tors walking groups by kind permission of the famer. Please repay his kindness by ensuring gates are closed and any litter picked up.

9. Forestry Work. There is a large amount of felling ongoing in Fernworthy, Bellever and other woods. Observe warnings and take care.

10. Stiles and gates. The Dartmoor National Park Authority have replaced and repaired many of the stiles and gates, many with help from Ten Tors donations,. Please do use them and do not climb over walls or fences.

11. Stonetor Hill Gate. This gate, north of Fernworthy SX649 854, has been inserted with funding from the Ministry of Defence, to provide a drier route between Fernworthy and Kes Tor/ Batworthy Corner. Please use this route to avoid the eroded and over used track that skirts the north of the Forest.

12. Loos. The toilets in the Princetown Visitor Centre are only for the use of those viewing the exhibits. There are public toilets available in the carpark to the right of the Visitor Centre The toilets outside the Postbridge Visitor Centre may be used but do please leave them clean and tidy.

13. Postbridge vehicle parking. Vehicle parking in the Postbridge area is congested so please consider parking elsewhere. You can park in the Bellever Forest top and bottom carparks, but do not leave vehicles in front of Bellever Forest gates as they provide emergency fire access. Overspill may park in the lower part of the Visitor Centre carpark - having paid.

14. Fire Risk. The fire risk is rising with the dry weather and wind, making the Molinia grass and foliage tinder dry. Please take extra care not to start a fire. Obey the Green Card wildfire instructions.

15. TT 24 Map. To ensure that mires are readily distinguishable, the approximate areas area identified by Ordnance Survey have been shaded blue.

16. Peat Restoration. The University of Exeter estimates that just 1% of Dartmoor’s deep peat area is healthy, peat-forming bog, whilst the majority has been severely damaged by drainage, cutting, drying and erosion. The Peatland Restoration Project provides a huge opportunity to keep carbon locked in the peat bogs, create wildlife habitat, improve water quality, reduce downstream flooding and help drought resilience. Peat Restoration is taking place in the area of Ockerton Court, Hangingstone and Tavy Head. Be aware that these area may be wetter than usual and walkers may need to avoid them. Maps will be posted here when available.

17. Bagga Tor. Use of the narrow road to Bagga Tor Gate is to be minimised. The road and the small parking area at Bagga Tor Gate should only be used while collecting a casualty, and then preferably using a car rather than a minibus.