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Help & FAQs

Where is the best place to watch Ten Tors?

Undoubtedly Okehampton Army Camp. The Jubilee Challenge runs all day Saturday and the camp has a dedicated car-park (a small car parking fee is imposed) for visitors as well as refreshments and constant updates of team positions on the Moor. Additionally you'll see the teams come in throughout the day to thoroughly deserved applause and awards.

Can supporters camp at Okehampton Camp?

Supporters cannot use the Camp as a campsite as it is full to bursting point! There are though plenty of hostels & campsites available in the area.

What is the procedure if a Team member goes missing before the event start?

Althouigh this is rare any missing person must be reported straight away. This initiates a planned procedure involving the Police and other agencies.

What is the procedure if a Team member can’t continue whilst the event has started?

These fall into two categories:

Fall Out

If a Team member is unable to continue any further on any of the routes, the whole team are required to remain at that Safety Control until that individual has been recovered to Okehampton Camp; the Safety Control staff will report back to the Jubilee Challenge Operations Room that they have a fall out, along with the team's and person's identification. The operations staff will then inform a member of the establishment's team staff to report to the Jubilee Challenge Operations Room where they will be handed back to the team staff.

Crash Out

Any team that is unable to finish by 6pm will be recovered back to Okehampton Camp.

What are the deadline dates for team applications to be made?

Usually mid-September of the year preceding the event, but check the Ten Tors website for the exact date.

Where can I pitch my tents on the Jubilee Challenge Campsite?

Establishments will be contacted and asked for their requirements for the campsite and then a final gridded map will be sent out to all teams.

Can we camp on the Jubilee Challenge Campsite on the Saturday night?

No - the Jubilee Challenge camp site closes on Saturday as it is then cleared and used on Sunday morning as a car park for the 100s of cars arriving for the Ten Tors Challenge Finish.

Are vehicles allowed onto the Campsite?

No - the only vehicles that will be allowed to stay on the campsite are those that are required for medical reasons as authorised beforehand.

What is the procedure at each of the Check Points?

Teams will arrive at the Safety Control and hand in their Control Card. The staff will stamp the sheet Control Card, record the time on their back up sheet, inform the Jubilee Challenge Operations Room of the time of the team's arrival and allow the team to move onto the next Safety Control.

If I require maps of Dartmoor before the event, where can I get them?

Maps of Dartmoor are available from most stationers and bookshops. Ordnance Survey OS Explorer OL28, which is 1:25,000 scale, is the best for walking. Make sure you buy the 2021 edition. Each Establishment's Team Manager will receive at the Team Managers Briefing in early October a free map of the area used for the Event that includes important safety information in amplification of the Ten Tors Rules.

What is the procedure if ammunition of any kind is found on the area?

Dartmoor is a live Range, therefore any objects that you come across are to be left well alone. If you think that it’s dangerous, mark it on a map and report it to the next Check point and let the Military deal with it.

What obstacles are the teams likely to encounter on any of the routes?

There are many obstacles to tackle whilst walking across Dartmoor, two of the hazards are the fords and high raised kerbs on the tracks, All teams are take great care when crossing them, and if needed, request the help of your team staff and, if allocated, shadows from the Exeter University Officer Training Corps.

When will my team reach their next Safety Control or the Finish?

Impossible to answer, but your team will arrive in its own good time and you can track their progress in the building next to the Jubilee Challenge Operations Room.