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Virtual Event 2021

  1. We regret the necessity to announce the cancellation of the Ten Tors Event for the second year running due to Covid-19 restrictions, but we are already planning for the full Event’s return to Dartmoor in 2022. There will be an opportunity for establishments to plan their own activities this year, to keep the Ten Tors flame burning brightly and provide young people with the chance to again enjoy, experience and learn about the wonders of our wild open spaces. This will be available to schools, cadet forces, scouts and rambling clubs (establishments) across the South West, as well as establishments from outside of the South West who entered Ten Tors 21.

  1. Establishments may plan whatever activities they choose, but the following walking activities will be recognised and acknowledged by the Ten Tors Team (TTT):
  • Ten Tors Challenge: Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for activities covering, in one day, 25km for 35 milers, 30km for 45 milers and 35km for 55 milers, in line with the Ten Tors Challenge 21 age groups. In the spirit of the Ten Tors Challenge, teams should consist of 6 participants but a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 including accompanying adults is acceptable.

  • Jubilee Challenge: Bronze, Silver and Gold awards depending on the quantity of previous successful completions of the Jubilee Challenge for activities covering 13km, 15km, 18km and 24km in one day. Teams should consist of 4 – 14 participants including accompanying adults.
  1. There is no limit on the number of teams from the South West that can participate, or an establishment enter.

  1. The TTT will create a series of closed Strava clubs (one for each distance) on 1 May 21. The Strava clubs will allow Team Managers (TM) to register their activities and will be used by the TTT for verification of activities once complete. The TTT will continue to use the multiuser email account ( for routine communications. TM only are to register their team in the Strava clubs.

  1. There is no charge for entry. Once the TTT has verified teams’ activities, templated digital certificates will be made available for establishments to complete and award as appropriate. Medals will be available to purchase until 31 Oct 21.

  1. Establishments may conduct their activities wherever and however they wish; We encourage the use of local areas to disperse activities and avoid unnecessary travel.

  1. Establishments / TM have responsibility for the safe planning and conduct of their activities, including the kit carried and whether the team is accompanied/shadowed.

  1. We recommend that establishments / TM abide by landowners/local authority rules and be considerate of other land users, wherever they carry out their activities.

  1. Participation in this Virtual Event will not count as the ‘previous completion’ required for early participation in a 45 or 55m team for future Ten Tors Events.

Once an establishment has completed their virtual event activity, a free certificate will be emailed to the Team Manager for them to populate and distribute as they wish.

In addition to the certificates, medals are available to purchase at a cost of £4 each (excluding postage and packaging). Individual medals can be engraved with a participant’s name at an additional cost of £6 (meaning a total cost of £10 each for an engraved medal), medals will be available until 31 Oct 21.

Please fill in the application form here for both medals and certificates.

Once this application has been completed, email it to Once received an email will be sent to the Team Manager with the medal payment details and this form will be forwarded to Achievements UK, who will post (and engrave) the medals.

  1. If you have any questions please email the Ten Tors multiuser account.