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Mon 1 Jul 2024: Ten Tors 2025 - New Establishment Guidance

 For those Establishments new to Ten Tors (TT) and wishing to enter a challenge please see below application guidance for TT25 entry. This guidance is applicable across all three challenges (TTC, JC and JC Plus):

Summary - A summary for all three Challenges can be found on the ‘About’ Tab under the ‘Summary’ drop down.

Ten Tors 2025 - The website will change over on 1 Aug; from this date the TT24 site will be archived and over the coming months TT25 information changed and posted. Previous years Archive can be found on the website which can be a help hand rail as you will find previous information and posts for awareness.

Key Dates - The first thing to do is check the ‘Key Dates’ which can be found on the ‘About’ Tab, drop down ‘Key Dates’. These will be updated on 1 Aug, however the dates predominantly remain in the same month so looking now will give you an idea of the annual timeline and more importantly cut off dates.

Entries – TT25 entry will open on 1st September for a three-week period; late entries will not be entered or selected. Each year the Event is overprescribed so if you plan on entering teams/individuals it is imperative you make note of the cut off dates. Entries are submitted using the TT website ‘TM Dashboard’. You can register for a new account from 1 Sep and not before; follow the link for New Establishments where you will be asked for an email address and create a password.

Selection Published – Once the entry closes the Selection Board sits and results are published on the website at the end of Sep.

Ten Tors Rules – Please read the rules for the challenge you are entering; you must be eligible as per the rules. The rules will explain Staff competencies, Medical Conditions, Liability and much more.

Annex C Staff Qualifications – Really important to look at Staff qualifications now should you need to get staff qualified and on courses.

Team Managers’ Brief (TMB) – The TMB is mandatory and held on a Saturday morning in Oct at Okehampton Camp, EX20 1QP for all selected. The provisional date is Sat 12 Oct 2024, this will be confirmed via the Key Dates on 1 Aug. Representatives must be available for the whole of the Brief; early departure will result in forfeiture of the Establishment’s place(s) on TT25.

All new TMs must attend the TMB and those who have been a TM previously must have attended a Briefing within the 3 years preceding the Event - if they have, a member of the Team Staff (who is registered on the TMs Dashboard) may attend in their place. Establishments entering more than one challenge (TTC, JC and/or JC+) must send an attendee for each. Attendance at the TM’s Brief is mandatory and failure to attend will result in Establishments being de-selected from the Event.

All timings will be provided nearer the Brief, however for planning assumptions TT24s arrival reception opened from 0930hrs to 0950hrs, the brief started at 1000hrs, and finished at 1330hrs. All new Establishment Staff will have a chance to discuss any issues or request further information during this brief with an opportunity to speak to other establishments or request a mentor from an experienced TM.

Ten Tors Entry Cost – TT25 entry cost will be released later in the year; this is an example of last years entry cost for your consideration:

  • Ten Tors Challenge 2024: £210 per team.
  • Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge 2024:  £20 for each participant.
  • Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge Plus2024: £25 for each participant.

Payment - The payment section on TMs Dashboard’s will open in early Jan 25 for a four-week period. Payment is only accepted via the PayPal link which will be in each of the TMs Dashboard once live. A PayPal account is not required just follow the instructions when live. Further detail will be published just before the payment window opens.

Communication - The above information found on the website should provide enough guidance to get you started at this stage with more to follow. All TMs and Establishment Staff should use the website as the primary means of information dissemination and not rely on email communication. Email addresses are pulled from Dashboards after Selection results are published, but not the most reliable means as TMs occasionally change, and email addresses are not always updated.

If you have any further questions, you can email the Mailbox, however please except our apologies as there may be a delayed response as the TT Team are currently changing over with minimal staff.  

We look forward to meeting both new Establishment Staff and those steadfast previous Establishments for what will be another fantastic Event TT25.

Last updated 01/07/2024

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