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Tue 15 Aug 2023: Team Entries and Key Dates

When – Ten Tors 2024 (TT24) Event will take place from Fri 10 May 24 to Sun 12 May 24.

Entries – Establishments will be able to submit entries for TT24 through the TT website via Team Managers (TMs) Dashboards, which open from Fri 01 Sep 23 to 2359 hrs Fri 22 Sep 23. Entries received after this date may result in your establishment not being allocated the teams requested. Prior to applying for teams, please ensure you read the Rules, particularly Annex C – Staff Qualifications.

Out Of Area Establishments – The Out Of Area protocol will be published on the TT website on Fri 01 Sep 23.

Selection Results – Published on the TT website via the TMs Dashboards on Thu 28 Sep 23.

Cost – TT24 entry fees have not yet been confirmed. Below is an example of TT23 entry fees:

· Ten Tors Challenge £210 per team

· Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge £20 for each participant

· Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge Plus £25 for each participant

Team Managers’ Brief – The TMs’ Briefing will be held on Sat 07 Oct 23 in Okehampton Camp. TMs must have attended a Briefing within the 3 years preceding the Event - if they have, a member of the Team Staff (who is registered on the TMs Dashboard) may attend in their place. Establishments entering more than one challenge (TTC, JC and/or JC+) must send an attendee for each. Attendance at the TMs Brief is mandatory and failure to attend will result in Establishments being de-selected from the Event. Further detail will be published nearer the Event.

Payment - The payment section on TMs Dashboard’s will open on Tue 02 Jan 24 to Tue 30 Jan 24. Payment is only accepted via the PayPal link which will be in each of the TMs Dashboard once live. A PayPal account is not required just follow the instructions. Further detail will be published just before the payment window opens.

Key Dates – All Key Dates can be found on the TT website under the ‘About’ tab, drop down to ‘Key Dates’.

Enquiries - Any questions regarding Ten Tors can be emailed to

Last updated 15/08/2023

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