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Thu 31 Aug 2023: Selection of Out Of Area (OOA) Establishments for Ten Tors 24

Given the difficult balance between meeting the Strategic Objective of Broadening Participation within the Southwest, and respecting the historical involvement of some OOA establishments, the Ten Tors Policy Committee has agreed that the protocol for OOA team selection for TT24 will be:

  • A maximum of 1 team per establishment, up to a maximum of 12 teams in total (representing 3% of total place available), may be allocated to any establishment from any OOA establishment which has a historical involvement of participation in Ten Tors of 10 years or more (does not need to be consecutive or the most recent 10 years).
  • Depending on the total number of applications, an additional reserve place may be offered. These will be offered as a lower priority than establishments from the SW region.
  • No new OOA establishments will be offered places.

Last updated 31/08/2023

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