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Fri 4 Aug 2023: Backpack Camping on Dartmoor

The Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) has highlighted at 'leave no trace' - how to backpack, what backpack camping is and where it is allowed. The Ten Tors 24 Green Card, which will be available shortly, gives specific direction for Ten Tors training and the Event.

DNPA is not currently updating the camping map for the following reasons:

Should the Darwalls pursue, if so, if they are then successful in their case going to the Supreme Court.

Secondly, it is meeting with access, landowner, and conservation groups to have an agreed, consistent and transparent process for adding and removing land onto the camping map. This had previously caused a lot of angst with access groups as well as landowners.

Whether people agree with the above, we should all remember that the success at the Court of Appeal means that the public now have the right, rather than permission, to backpack camp on close to 100 square miles of common land as shown on the DNPA backpack Camping Map.


Last updated 04/08/2023

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