Year of Green Action 2019

TT Secretary's Notices

Sun 12 May 2019 — Ten Tors 19 Event Facebook page

Please note that the Ten Tors 19 Facebook event page has now expired. For all further infomation, images and videos from this years event go to the Army in the South West Facebook page.


Fri 26 Apr 2019 — Ten Tors Training 27-28 Apr 19

This weekend many establishments will be carrying out their final training before the Event. The Moor will be busy and we need to take particular care and be considerate of other users. Key points to consider include:

Stock. Lambing and Calving is in full swing. Animals are sensitive and protective. Farmers are tired having spent many sleepless night caring for their animals. Please avoid all stock, do not touch any young and give a friendly greeting to the commoners and other users of the Moor.

Birds. It’s also the time of year when birds are nesting and sitting on their eggs. Do not enter Rare Bird Nesting Areas and, where possible, stick to existing walked routes.

Traffic. Dartmoor's narrow lanes and carparks may be crowded. Do not use Lane End unless essential; use Willsworthy carpark instead. Leave room for other carpark users.

Camping. Spread the load. Leave space between pairs of tents. Site tents out of sight of roads and habitation, and away from watercourses.

Safety Controls and Checkpoints. To reduce wear and tear, avoid use of the Safety Control and Checkpoints used for the Challenges. Remember the route from Fernworthy to Water Hill remains of Bounds so that we can use it for the Event.

Road Traffic. Only walk on roads if essential. If you must, then ensure that High Visibility tabards are worn and that walkers use the correct side of the road in order to protect the reputation of Ten Tors.

Lane End. Do not use the middle leat bridge. Let that route recover ready for the Challenge.

Congratulations to ten Tors trainees, who have done really well this year. However, the Environmental Compliance Monitors will be out in force to identify the few walking groups that fail to comply with the Ten Tors Rules.


Fri 26 Apr 2019 — Where's To Quiz – Competition closure delayed to Tues 30 Apr 19

We hope you have enjoyed and learnt from the observational quiz for participants in Ten Tors training. The book, which is still available here, will be a wonderful record of your training experience that we hope will continue to foster your love of and respect for Dartmoor.

As half term has just finished, Team Managers won't have had enough time to examine the booklets and to submit the best of them for the prize competition. We have therefore revised the dates; the competition will end on Tuesday 31 April 2019. Team managers should then select the best of their Walkers’ booklets and send them to Ten Tors, Okehampton Camp, OKEHAMPTON EX20 1QP by Friday 3 May 2019. The rules of the competition are on the inside front cover of the Booklet. We doubt that anybody will get 100% of the answers right despite googling, reading and observation, so please do enter. All booklets submitted will be returned to the Team Managers during the Event for passing back to the owners.


Fri 26 Apr 2019 — Pre-Registration Deadline

A polite reminder for Team Managers that Ten Tors Challenge and Jubilee Challenge Pre-Registration closes at Midnight (2359 hrs) Wednesday 1 May 2019. Please don’t leave it until the last minute; check that you can log in to your Dashboard and start completing the form now.

A check box will shortly be loaded onto the Team List website pages. A tick in that box will indicate you have completed Pre-Registration.

If you haven’t Pre-Registered by the deadline, you will lose your allocation as we have to allocate routes and start the printing of Control Cards etc over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

If vacancies remain, Establishments that have requested reserve places will be offered them on Friday 3 May.

If you’re experiencing problems or issues contact

Jubilee Challenge

As many of the Team Managers will be accompanying some of their participants, we need to know the name and mobile phone number of the person who will be remaining in Camp throughout the jubilee Challenge. This may be the Team Manager or another DBS cleared adult. Even if you have completed Pre-Registration, please go back and complete this field. Should the name and phone number not be in the dropdown, please go back to the database, add the person to the Group Leaders and then select the person from the dropdown.


Thu 18 Apr 2019 — Ten Tors Discounts

The Discounts page under the Infomation tab has been updated.


Thu 18 Apr 2019 — Event Rules and Forms

The following amended documents have today been published on the website for Ten Tors 2019:

  1. Rules for Participants – The Pink Card. Waterproof copies will be issued at Event Registration, however it is recommended that participants are briefed on the rules beforehand.
  2. Rules for Team Staff – The Orange Card. Copies will also be issued at Event Registration, however Team Staff must familiarise themselves with its contents beforehand.
  3. Team Manager’s Survival Guide. Please read and follow this document to help ensure that participants, enablers and supporters all have as stress-free Ten Tors 2019 as possible.
  4. Team Manager’s Notice to Parents and Carers. This contains crucial safety and other information that must be passed on. It has been uploaded as a word document to allow TMs to add additional details, however information should only be added and not deleted.


Fri 12 Apr 2019 — Donate for Dartmoor

Money that you have donated has been used to repair erosion below Hartland Tor, Postbridge.

Please continue to donate generously so more work vital work can be carried out.

Rob Steemson Community & Land Management Ranger


Fri 5 Apr 2019 — Training Notice

Litter. We have received reports of increased amounts of litter being found on the Moor; please ensure that your walking groups are not dropping any litter and (ideally) are picking up other peoples’.

Roads. Walking on roads is discouraged, however, if it’s unavoidable ensure that high visibility vests are worn and extra care is taken as otherwise walkers are liable to be a hazard to themselves and others.

Camping. You are reminded that walkers are not permitted to camp within 100 metres of water courses (including rivers).

Green Card. All the above points are in the Green Card which must carried by TM’s, Group Leaders & Assistants and by the Walking Group Leader & Deputy.

Recording training. It is a mandatory requirement that Establishments record their training on the TM’s Dashboard. Not only does this assist in the environmental management of Ten Tors but, as the record of training is shared with the emergency services, it may also contribute to your walkers’ safety in the event of incident.