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Wed 16 Mar 2022: Training points

As we are now well into the training for this year’s Ten Tors, team staff and walking groups should be well aware of the TT Rules, particularly those on the Green Card. At least one, with the Establishment details inserted, is to be carried by a member of each walking group. You must also observe the National Park Byelaws which can be found here.

If we do not care for and respect Dartmoor, we run the risk of losing support and consent to hold Ten Tors. Team staff should go through the Green Card again with your walking groups and ensure that they understand the importance for and reasons behind the Rules.

Issues that have arisen this year that require your specific attention are:

  • Gates have been left open allowing stock to escape onto the Moor or mix with other breeds which results in farmers spending days rounding up and sorting their animals out. The Green Card states ‘Close gates irrespective of how you found them’.
  • Lane End car park is tiny and should only be used by team minibuses for emergency pick-ups. The Green Card states ‘Be considerate of others in public carparks and leave at least half of the area for public parking’. The MOD’s Willsworthy Range carpark, not far from the TTC Safety Control, is not restricted and is an ideal pick up point.
  • Your vehicles must not be parked up in pub and other private carparks without the owner’s permission. For example, a minibus was parked up for the whole day in the Fox and Hounds carpark when a quick word would have gained permission to park in the camping field in the rear of the pub. Another was in the Postbridge Visitor Centre, when it should have been parked on the other side of the road, in the Bellever carpark.
  • Rare Bird Nesting Areas must be marked on maps and walkers should know why it is important to avoid these areas.
  • Establishment Codes aren’t clearly displayed on at least 2 rucksacks and on all Establishment vehicle dashboards. A growing number have rucksack covers printed - these need to be large with a bold enough print to be visible from a distance. The Green Card states that the panel should be A4 in size with Establishment Codes easily visible to ground observers. This suggests a font of at least 350.
  • Team Staff are responsible for the behaviour of their teams. There have been reports of rowdy conduct in camp sites.
  • Prior to any training, read the points under training on the Information tab.
  • Remind participants not to walk 6/7 abreast to minimise any disturbance to ground nesting birds where ever they are walking.

Last updated 16/03/2022

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