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Fri 4 Feb 2022: Secretary’s points

Training on Dartmoor. Team Managers are to input the training details within their TM Dashboard by the Thursday prior to the training taking place. This will generate a report that is made available to the Police, Dartmoor Search and Rescue Teams, Dartmoor National Park Authority Rangers, Environmental Compliance Monitors and Ten Tors Officials, which will assist in the event of an emergency, incident, complaint or non-compliance with the Ten Tors Rules. In addition, statistics derived from the form are used to check compliance with our agreements with landowners and Statutory Bodies.

Limitations on use of Dartmoor whilst training. TMs are to familiarise themselves with the limitations for Ten Tors training. This can be found under the Information tab, sub-tab Training. This has been recently updated.

Environmental Compliance Monitors (ECMs). On the majority of weekends leading up to the event, Dartmoor National Park is monitored by Environmental Compliance Monitors, who assist the Organisers in ensuring that training on Dartmoor is environmentally sustainable by including various measures in the Ten Tors Rules. The ECMs will make themselves known to all groups that they meet and will either have a paper ID card or an electronic one on their mobile phone. Some of the most common issues they notice are:

  • Establishments are training without completing the Team Managers Training on Dartmoor Log.
  • RBNAs have not been marked on some maps.
  • The correct IDs are not being shown on rucksacks or in minibuses.
  • Not all groups are carrying Green Cards.

Green Card. Whilst training on Dartmoor, the Green Card must be carried by TMs, Group Leaders & Assistants, Walking Group Leader & Deputy.

Roads. Walking on roads is discouraged; however, if it’s unavoidable ensure that high visibility vests are worn and extra care is taken as otherwise walkers are liable to be a hazard to themselves and others.

Camping. You are reminded that walkers are not permitted to camp within 100 metres of water courses (including rivers).

Jubilee Challenge. There has been a JC rule update, please see the notice published on the website on 3 Feb 22.

Additional Teams. If an establishment would like to be considered for extra teams for this year’s event, please contact

Last updated 04/02/2022

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