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Wed 27 Jan 2021: Payment now open

The payment window for team entry is now open and it can be accessed through each Team Managers Dashboard until the 26th February.

If you do pay and the event is cancelled, you will receive a refund minus the PayPal return fee which is 2.90% of the transaction, plus a 30p fixed fee. On a £180 team that works out to £5.52.

You will see in the cost that an optional fee of £2 per participant has been added (this can removed) for ‘Donate for Dartmoor’. Your donations to ‘Donate for Dartmoor’ help to maintain and improve moorland access through a ring-fenced fund. Organisers of all large events are encouraged to make a voluntary donation of £2 per participant to help repair damage, mitigate erosion, and to maintain bridges, stiles and, gates. Residents and walkers are also encouraged to donate. More information can be found here.

Last updated 27/01/2021

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