Fri 15 Jan 2021: One day Ten Tors Challenge - a summary of the contingency plan

Should we not be able to run the full Ten Tors Challenge because of Covid-19 restrictions, lack of training time and/or no camping being permitted, our last contingency plan before cancelling is to hold a limited Ten Tors Challenge (TTC) involving one day events, with a third of the teams taking part on Fri 7th, Sat 8th and Sun 9th May (the Jubilee Challenge would continue to be held on the Sat).

The TTC would aim to be inclusive for those travelling long distances or having limited training opportunities. In planning the routes, our aim has been to support the maximum number of participants to succeed, while maintaining our usual high standards of safety.

The TTC would take place on the north end of North Dartmoor starting and finishing at Okehampton Camp. All the controls would be Safety Controls and, for additional safety, be vehicle accessible. The 11 clockwise and 11 anticlockwise routes would be 32.5 km for the 35 milers, 37.5 km for the 45 milers, and 42.5km for the 55 milers; this may be reviewed, depending on situational changes.

The kit list may be reviewed to reflect the activity being undertaken, and details will be promulgated if required. We are currently reviewing the safety requirements for the proposed one day events, and will distribute the details as necessary.

The Ten Tors Rules requiring training on Dartmoor are being reviewed, to ensure that the training is safe and appropriate.

Allocation of routes would take place on the Mon preceding the TTC, (Mon 3rd May), to allow teams additional time for planning their routes and for Team Managers to check them, as well as conduct briefings.

It is anticipated that teams will need to arrive at OKC by 0630 hrs on the morning of their event, and the finish would close at 1900hrs (although it is expected that most teams would finish earlier); these proposed timings will need to be confirmed.

To shorten the Registration process, information required for the safe running of the one day TTC will be collected by, Control Cards/Wrist Bands/ Rule Cards printed by, and other documentation completed by Team Mangers, as part of online Pre-Registration; this will result in a rapid check of the teams starting and the issuing of trackers, before teams continue to the start.

The start will be spread in a wider area than usual, as will the finish and presentation, to provide required separation.

The Army are keen to provide participants with a worthwhile challenge in May. The detail of it will depend on many factors, so planning remains flexible to cope with the situation and will benefit from your views. If you have any questions or suggestions, please address them to the Ten Tors Secretary

Last updated 15/01/2021

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