Wed 2 Dec 2020: General Sec Points

Below are a few points that I would like to share with you:

  • We the organisers recently held a TT Policy Committee meeting to update the Committee on the planning for TT21.
  • It’s the Event Director’s intent to run a two day event if at all possible, however, three one day events are still being planned for. There is also still a possibility that spectators may not be permitted, which will depend on the current guidance as we get closer to the Event.
  • In consultation with the TT Policy Committee, it is currently our intent that the cost of team entry for TT21 will remain as usual. This is because the cost to deliver the Event in 2021 will remain very similar, whatever the format of the Event.
  • We are not going to make a decision on the format of the Event until at least early next year due to the constant changing situation of COVID-19.
  • On the Team Managers’ Brief, I did mention that you would be receiving some Ten Tors maps and Green cards. Unfortunately, there has been a slight delay with the printing due to printing company not being an essential business. Once they are ready for posting I will email you all informing you that they are on their way. I will be posting them to the Team Manager address held on each dashboard, if this address is incorrect please logon and update it.
  • The Head of Establishment assurance form will be added onto your Dashboard shortly with instructions on how to electronically sign it.

Last updated 02/12/2020

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