Tue 14 Apr 2020: Frequently asked Q&As after the cancellation of this year’s event

Will our entry fees be refunded?

Establishments will be refunded their entrance fee less PayPal’s administrative charge. The returned fee will include any donations to Donate for Dartmoor: if your establishment would still like to contribute to this fabulous cause please do so by visiting Donate to Dartmoor.

We are still confirming exactly how refunds will be processed – details will be published on the website in due course.

Will the event take place in 2021?

We are planning to run the Event in 2021 as long as it safe and consistent with national policy to do so. Some of the timelines relating to next year’s event (such as some of the administrative deadlines, Team Mangers’ Brief etc.) may change however we will be as flexible as possible and put information on the website as necessary.

Can we keep our places for next year?

Next year will be a new event so it would be both too complicated and unfair on next year’s participants to allow this year’s allocations to simply roll over. That said we will do all we can to give those who might have attempted this year’s event a chance of attempting next year’s. Details of these measures will be published when applications open for next year’s event.

Will this year count towards Ten Tors awards?

This year will count towards the Ten Tors awards; however, no certificates will be issued until next year’s event. Any award applications that have been submitted for this year will be kept for next year.

Can we run our own challenge?

If establishments wish to run their own challenges they do so entirely at their own risk and no medals or certificates will be issued. If, once the national situation permits, you wish to organise an event on Dartmoor, please visit the DNPA website to ensure that you have the necessary landowners’ and other permissions.

Is there any way we can recognise the achievements of our trainees in training?

We are creating a certificate which will allow establishments to acknowledge the efforts of all those who trained for this year’s event. This will soon be available via the TM’s Dashboard.

Is the ‘Where’s To’ quiz still open?

The quiz will not go ahead as some establishments were intending to complete it subsequent to later training.

Last updated 21/04/2020

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