Fri 23 Oct 2020: First Aid qualification validity

In response to questions about the validity of first aid qualifications, Mountain Training (MT) and South West Moorland Leader Training Scheme (SWMLTS) are both taking HSE guidance to cover all relevant first aid courses such as the Outdoor (16 hour) First Aid Course. Therefore, in short, they are stating that anyone who has a first aid certificate that has expired has until the 31st March 2021 to renew.

MT have also explained the situation regarding first aid and Mountain Training qualifications’ validity. They require a relevant, valid first aid qualification to be held by candidates at the time of assessment in order to be awarded a leadership qualification. However, from this point onwards the responsibility to make a ‘first aids needs assessment’ lies with the employer/ deployer – and this is the law. This means that the employer/deployer should put in place the appropriate first aid cover for any particular event. Obviously, in order to be able to operate independently and remotely a leader will therefore need to hold a relevant first aid qualification. However, cover could be provided by other means such as by another qualified person in the party or separate cover – all depending on the employer/deployers’ assessment. Therefore, MT will not invalidate anyone’s leadership qualification just because their first aid has expired. For Ten Tors, the responsibility, in nearly all cases, lies with the Head of Establishment as it does for all safety during training.

You might also wish to look at the Resuscitation Council’s advice on adapting CPR for the possibility of the patient having Covid . It’s simple; get help, place mask or cloth over patient’s nose and mouth, chest compressions only, use defibrillator if available.

Last updated 23/10/2020

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